Creating a Challenging Classroom Activities

Being a teacher is part of my life and I am proud of it. I feel satisfied if my students succeed, not only succeed in this world but also in “Akhirat”, just like my wish. I always try to work for my life in this world and for “Akhirat”. For me, the beauty of life is not depend on how happy I am but how happy others because of me. That’s why I loved being a teacher at JUARA Elementary School. I want to share with others, I believe that my life will be happier and more meaningful if I can share my love and my knowledge towards people around me. I will always try to be a good teacher to all my students at JUARA Elementary School by creating a challenging classroom activities. For that purpose, I must recognize and understand my students’ characteristic because every student has different character. As we already know, there are students who always chat with others or always move around the class. There are also students who want to know more about everything, and they never satisfied, so they try to find the answer by asking their teachers. These conditions will be a problem for the teachers to transfer their knowledge to their students. Knowledge can not accept in passive but it should be accepted in active by all the students. I should have variation techniques in teaching to make my students at JUARA Elementary School interest to the subject. There are two ways to do so.

One way I should make a smart student by let the students brainstorm as a class, and allow students to work at their own level. Smart students will be involved in the process of learning, therefore students play an important role to optimize their intellectual in the classroom. For example, I could present the lesson through a simulation which is followed up by giving a discussion or quiz. The important think for me are being present as a resource not a monitor, and have students brainstorm what expressions they might use. I should stay in communicative mode to answer students’ questions, and make sure the students understand what the subject of the simulation should be. As a teacher, I should give the spirit to my students, and not to underestimate my students. It will make the students more comfortable.

Another way by making a smart environment to study. A smart environment means the environment which calm, quiet, cheerful, and full of spirit. If I can create a smart environment for my students, students will be easier to understand all the subjects, furthermore they will have a good relationship with their friends. For example, I can use a role play or games after giving the lesson. This activity is just to make sure that all of the students understand the lesson, and it will help students to work as a team, and to collaborate with others. Students usually find role playing enjoyable, so that they eager to study.

To conclude, both making a smart student and a smart environment are the efforts to have a good techniques. As a good teacher, I should be creative, and prepare the subject carefully because the process of learning is not like a sport or a movie to watch. I  should give my students impression that learning is fun. In my opinion, It’s not how smart the students are, but how the students are smart. I will try to bring progress and success at JUARA Elementary School.(Wiwid Widayanti)


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